So I’ve been thrown into this sticky situation..

There’s this girl that I find really cute and we’ve been talking for like, 2 weeks now. I’ve been trying to take it slow because we barely know each other and stuff so it’s like whatever (why did I say that?). So a few of my friends know how I feel about this girl. But one decided to take action. 




This had to turn into the most awkward conversation ever…..ON HER FACEBOOK WALL! We were conversing, and since I primarily use facebook on the internet in my phone, I don’t receive notification texts. So I set down my phone for like 10 minutes to come back to find that my friend had interrupted my conversation, ON THIS GIRL’S WALL, to tell me to ask her out! And not only that, even tried to set up a date! WHILE I WAS AWAY! I mean I thank you for the concern but shouldn’t it be ME that’s supposed to ask her out when I’m ready? Not a friend asking for me?

So yea. That happened. And apparently she had a feeling that I liked her too so I feel awkward about that <_<…. But she’s not rejecting me. In fact, it gets plot twisty now. There’s a guy that like her last year, and they’re thinking about getting back together. BUT NOTHING’S CERTAIN….But she also asked that we stay friends for now and get to know each other because, well, we barely know each other. 

So it’s not a total loss. In fact she even knows how awkward I am so she even told me up front, don’t be awkward or she’ll kick my ass (I found that adorable for some reason). So tomorrow I guess we’ll talk more and stuff because we see each other first thing in the hall way and then we have 1st period together. Then we’re both staying after because she’s in one of the student run choirs and I have play practice. 

So lets see how this goes….

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